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Oral Physicals

Why do I need an oral physical?
An oral physical is important for those of us who want to keep our teeth for a lifetime and have had changes in our mouths. You are probably aware of changes to your body in the last few years. Well, you may not know it yet, but your mouth and teeth have changed too! That is why we re-evaluate your dental health every three to five years.
Medical and dental advances take place constantly. Your physician updates your medical record with a physical exam or various tests. Baseline readings are taken of your blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, weight, blood work, etc. These are used to determine what may be considered normal for you, to detect problems, or provide a baseline for any changes that occurs in the future.
Just like your general medical health, your teeth, gums, bite, and oral health change too! We know more today about how to PREVENT and detect dental disease than we did several years ago. A periodic oral physical is important if it has been three to five years or more since you last had one. Existing conditions of your periodontal health (recession, pockets, bone loss), bite (cracked, shifted, or loose teeth), jaw function, and defective or weak fillings will be charted.
I firmly believe in prevention. If you want your teeth to last as long as you do, donít just hope for the best. Start planning now to be sure you will keep your teeth a lifetime. The wear and tear of time often show up in your teeth, jaw, bite, and gums before YOU can feel it. These changes, if detected early, can be addressed. PREVENTION refers to finding and dealing with any changes or problems that occur BEFORE you are forced to by pain, or by broken or loose teeth.
If necessary, after we update your dental charting and records, I will develop a personalized treatment plan for you. I will have a sit down review of the findings and personal consultation visit. I will make you aware of immediate concerns, if any, and treatment options. Future and long-term considerations of prevention will also be discussed, as well as what modern dentistry has to offer, to outline a plan to help you keep your teeth healthy for your lifetime; I am looking forward to it!
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